Conferences - Workshops - Symposiums (2015)

10th International Symposium on Agriculture

Contact: Prof. Dr M. Mesic, e-mail:  mmesic@agr.hr 

16-26 February 2015 ª Opatijia - Croatia



5th  BENA International Conference


“Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development" 

Contact: Prof. Dr  Maria Popa, e-mail: mariapopa2010@yahoo.com

28-30 May 2015 ª University “1 December 1918”, Alba Iulia - Romania.




  1st B.EN.A. International Conference

“Sea and Coastal Development in the frame of Sustainability- MACODESU2015" 

Contact: Prof Dr Oner Demirel e-mail: odofe01@yahoo.com

18-20 September  2015 ª Kara Deniz University, Trabzon -Turkey



  B.EN.A. International Conference

“Marine and Fresh Water Ecology and Protection -    EcoProWater 2015"


Contact: Prof. Dr.  Massimiliano Fenice, e-mail: fenice@unitus.it

1-3 October 2015 ª Tuscia University, Viterbo - Italy



B.EN.A. International Conference

“Environmental Approaches - Moving Forward Agricultural Farms Sustainability”

Contact: Prof. Dr  I. Cretescu, e-mail: icre@ch.tuiasi.ro

22-25 October 2015 ª “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University, Iasi - Romania



International Symposium

"Protection of the Black Sea Ecosystem and Sustainable Management of Maritime Activities  - PROMARE 2015"

Organized by NIMRD "Grigore Antipa" & BENA with the support of the National Authority for research and Innovation.

Contact: Mariana Golumbeanu,  e-mail: golumbeanum@gmail.com

30-31 October 2015 ª Constanta -ROMANIA


3rd B.EN.A. International Conference

"Harmonization of Environmental Research and Teaching with Sustainable Policy - HERTSPO2015"

Contact: Prof. Dr A. Bekteshi, e-mail: abekteshi@unishk.edu.al

6-8 November 2015 ª University of Shkodra - Albania