Conferences - Workshops - Symposiums (2012)

The 47th National Congress and 7th International Congress on Agriculture co-organized with University of of Zagreb and University of Osijek

13-17 February 2012 ª Opatija - Croatia http://sa.agr.hr/general/organizers.html

International Conference co-organized with University of Tirana, Association for Protection of Aquatic Wildlife of Albania, EuroMedLag - Endorsing institutions and organizations: EUCC, Conservatoire du Littoral,  CoNISMa, MARS Network, EURONATUR, TETHYS,  WWF, MESAEP and MASH

"Marine and Coastal Ecosystems (MarCoastEcos2012):increasing knowledge for a sustainable conservation and management"

25-28 April 2012 ª Tirana - Albania



International Conference co-organized with Istanbul Technical University (Faculty of Landscape Architecture), Turkish Ministry of Environment and Forests, Istanbul Metropolitan Planning

"Sustainable Landscape Planning and Safe Environment"

21-24 June 2012 ª Istanbul - Turkey