Conferences - Workshops - Symposiums (2007)

International Seminar co-organized with "Politechnica" University of Timisoara

"Air Quality concerning the European Legislation and its implementation in Air Monitoring Contents"

1st June 2007 ª Timisoara - Romania


International Workshop co-organized with Institute Metropolitan Planning and Urban Center

"The Importance of Ecological Belts Surrounding Metropolitan Cities"

14-16 June 2007 ª Istanbul - Turkey


International Conference co-organized with “1st December 1918” University of Alba Iulia, AUF-Pole d’ excellence regional and the local authorities

"Sustainable Development in Balkan Area: Vision and Reality"

18-20 July 2007 ª Alba Iulia - Romania.

International Symposium co-organized  with National Institute for Industrial Ecology - ECOIND

"Environment and Industry"

25-26 October 2007 ª Bucharest - Romania

International Conference co-organized with CARLSBERG Serbia

"Quality of Life and Environment in the Frame of EU Sustainability"

15-17 November 2007 ª Belgrade - Servia