Conferences - Workshops - Symposiums (2003)


International Workshop

 "A Healthy Environment for Food Quality and Safety"

21-22 February 2003 ª Bucharest - Romania


International Workshop

 "Education Towards a clean Environment – Premise for the 21st Century"

23-24 February 2003 ª Craiova - Romania


International Symposium co-organized with ISKI (Water Authorities of Istanbul)

"Marine and Inland Pollution Control and Prevention in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea"

15-18 May 2003 ª Istanbul - Turkey

  1st International Symposium co-organized with Mangalia Municipality

"Coastal Erosion: Problems and Solutions"

26-28 June 2003 ª Mangalia -Romania

  International Workshop co-organized with its Training Center of Constanta

"The Environmental Professions: Needs and Perspectives"

19-21 November 2003 ª Constanta - Romania

  International Workshop co-organized with its International Center of Environmental Medicine

"Environmental Medicine and Public Health"

19-21 December 2003 ª Skopje - F.Y.R.O.M.