National Bureaus
AL-B.EN.A., University of  Tirana, Albania

Chairman: Professor I. Mallolari

BG-B.EN.A., Agricultural University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Chairmen: Professor D. Ivanova - Professor Y. Pelovski

BiH-B.EN.A., University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

 Chairman: Professor H. Smailhodzic

CR-B.EN.A., University of Zagreb, Croatia

Chairman: Professor M. Mesic

FY-B.EN.A., Institute of Public Health, Skopje, F.Y.R.O.M.

Chairman: Professor M. Kochubavski

MOLD - ΒΕΝΑ., D. Ghitu Institute of the Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies Moldova

Chairmen: Academician A. Duca Professor A. Sidorenko.

MONTE-B.EN.A., University of Podgorica, Montenegro

Chairman: Professor M. Vukcevic

RO-B.EN.A., National Institute for Research and Development of Industrial Ecology (ECOIND) in Bucharest, Romania

Chairmen: Dr M. Nicolau - Professor C. Constantin

RS-B.EN.A., VINCA Institute of Nuclear Sciences of Belgrade,  Serbia

 Chairman: Professor I. Brescki- Dr D.S. Savic

TU-B.EN.A., Urban and Environmental Planning and Research Center of Istanbul Technical University (ITU).

Chairmen: Prof. Dr. A. Yildizci  - Professor C. Zanbak

Vice-Chair Ass.Prof.Dr. Η. Ε. Tuncay and its members Prof.Dr.Y.Kurucu, Ass.Prof.Dr.N.Ciliz, Prof.Dr.O.Demirel and Ass.Prof.Dr C. Y. Demec